A quick concept video of what it would be like to be broken up with on your only night in Seoul from your own point of view. What else is left for you to do? The only thing you can do is walk around Hongdae's frenetic and chaotic streets after one too many drinks trying to forget it all. I wanted the video to really visually express the feeling one has when wandering (or stumbling) around a crowded foreign street while intoxicated. 

Such a tiny, tiny example of the amazing nightlife Tokyo had to offer!

Model: Nicole Bloom
Shot & edited by Logan Williamson

A short promotional video for RADAR Represents' website and e-mail blasts
Edited by Logan Williamson

A peek at what life in Japan is like on those hot, lazy summer days. The elderly man we encountered at the river in Kyoto doing Tai Chi was there for hours, silently performing his routine perfectly. The feeling of that silence and the aura of that day was something I won't forget for a long time which is why I chose to end the video with a fadeout to silence. 

A very short few moments from a very big trip
Taken during my 2015 photojournalism internship in Japan
Shot & edited by Logan Williamson